• Fire Hydrant Testing

    The Town of Louisburg Water Plant will be testing Fire Hydrants today. Residents may see running or leaking hydrants throughout town.

    If you have any questions please contact Town Hall at 919-496-3406.


A message from Police Chief Jason Abbott:

Welcome to the Louisburg Police Department. The Louisburg Police Department is located in the Louisburg Training Center/Fire Department/Police Department Center. This multifunctional complex allows for Public Safety Departments to work closely in support of each other as well as provides the perfect location for training areas for multi-jurisdictional agencies and staff.


It is the purpose of the Louisburg Police Department to devote our resources to the task of preserving peace and order, protecting life and property, and the vigorous enforcement of all laws in a fair and impartial manner. We strive to treat all people with respect, fairness and compassion. We are committed to serving our community to enhance the quality of life and to nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. Our officers are professional, trained, and determined to serve as a deterrent to crime, develop relationships with community groups, residential and business organizations, and promote an environment receptive to all visitors.

The Louisburg Police Department maintains this level of service by providing continuous training and educational development, as well as career enhancement opportunities for all officers.

Administrative Issues

The Louisburg Police Department investigates crimes occurring within the Louisburg City Limits. Often criminal activities take place in other jurisdictions yet affect the citizens of Louisburg. The Police Department is an active partner with the Franklin County Sheriffs Department and many State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies as we strive to enforce and deter criminal activity in our community and N.C. Participation in specific offense task force activities such as illicit Drug eradication operations and others have led to success in fighting these terrible elements of all communities.

The Department investigates and maintains local traffic accidents occurring on local streets and public vehicular areas. Accident reports that are completed and required by insurance companies may be picked up at the Department on the date given by the investigating officer.


Jason Abbott,
Chief of Police
Louisburg Police Department
104 Wade Avenue
Louisburg, N.C. 27549

OFFICE: (919)496-4175


ANONYMOUS TIP LINE: (919)729-7232

*call or text*


Sgt. Coker, Ofc. Harris, SRO Brinkley, Ofc. Steinbrunner, Ofc. Castaneda, K9 Ofc. Moore, Chief Abbott, Sgt. Sherrill, SRO Bowden, Capt. Stephens, Ofc. Vajanyi, Ofc. Lincoln

Meet the Staff

Police Department
  • Jason Abbott,
    Chief of Police
  • Joe Sherrill,
    Sergeant - Community Resource Officer
  • Greg Alston,
  • Cliff Stephens,
  • Jason Steinbreunner,
    Police Officer
  • Shari Brinkley,
    School Resource Officer
  • Elliott Coker,
  • Derrick Bowden,
    School Resource Officer
  • Dylan Moore,
    Police Officer - K9 Handler
  • Travis Lincoln,
    Police Officer
  • Andy Castaneda,
    Police Officer
  • Lori Rogers,
    Administrative Assistant
  • Ralton Harris,
    Police Officer
  • Steve Hall,
    Police Officer
  • Daniel Bucklin,
    Police Officer
  • Brandon Vajanyi,
    Police Officer
  • Lamont Burchette,
    Police Officer
  • Matt Bailey,
    Police Officer
  • Adam Eldridge,
    Police Officer
  • Keishawn Mayes,
    Police Officer
  • Small town life…

    What I believe makes life in a small town like Louisburg special is the relationships. Everyone knows everyone and there is a caring spirit. It’s the kind of place where your elementary and high school teachers attend the same church as you.

    Genie R. Faulkner
    Principal, Laurel Mill Elementary School

  • Raising a family here…

    When I think of Louisburg I think of family, literally and figuratively. I moved to Louisburg years ago because I wanted to raise my child in a home large enough to store all her toys and with a yard so that she could safely enjoy the outdoors. Louisburg offered this to us at a price we could afford. Little did I know that several years later that many of family members would also make the wonderful decision to move to Louisburg. Now, not only are we lucky enough to have immediate family nearby, but we have made many friends in Louisburg that we now call family. Louisburg has a strong spiritual community and we have been lucky to find a spiritual home and church family at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Sports has been a major part of our family life since coming to Louisburg. The recreation department offers many recreational activities that has enabled us to meet great people that will remain lifelong friends. I am pleased to see the town flourishing with activity – Friday Nights on the Tar, revitalization of the downtown area, etc. These things will only add to the small town charm of Louisburg and make it an even better place to live and raise a family.
    Kim Saunders
    Kim Saunders, Resident

  • It’s a special place here…

    Louisburg is a special place because of the people in the community. It’s the kind of place where you know all of the firemen because you went to school with them. It’s the kind of place that you feel safe to walk down the sidewalks and wave to people riding by.

    Genie R. Faulkner
    Principal, Laurel Mill Elementary School

  • So much to offer…

    The town has a lot to offer through the schools, Louisburg College, the many churches and civic organizations, the library, the recreations department, and many other offerings, but the people are what truly make it special.

    Genie R. Faulkner
    Principal, Laurel Mill Elementary School