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Tar-Pamlico River Basin Information

The Tar River is the location where both raw water is removed for treatment and citizen consumption, as well as the location where treated wastewater is returned. This treated water mixes and flows with the Tar downstream, through other municipal water systems, and eventually discharges into the Pamlico River and Sound. The wastewater which is returned to the Tar River is actually cleaner than the water originally removed to be treated for consumption! The Tar is and integral part of the ecosystem that comprises the Tar-Pamlico River Basin. The preservation of this system includes strict regulations that affect the discharge limits and components that the Town of Louisburg and other dischargers in the Basin must comply with. Point Source Discharges (municipal treatment plants, certified treatment facilities) along with Non-Point Discharges (run off from stormwater, agricultural and livestock runoff/discharges) have significant impacts on the quality of surface waters such as the Tar River. Through the implementation of specific regulations and a coalition of agencies which discharge into the Tar-Pamlico, devastating aquatic effects such as algae blooms, fish kills, microinvertebrate life loss, and other characteristics of poor river quality are eliminated.