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The Town of Louisburg strives to provide the highest quality of Utility services to all customers of the Town of Louisburg. The provision of high quality, cost effective public utilities delivered in the most efficient means possible is the primary goal of Louisburg utility staff. Utility employees are highly qualified individuals, most of whom are required to have significant education, state and federal certifications, and a constant understanding of new technologies and operational approaches to provide their specific utility service. This service level and personnel knowledge, skill, and ability must always be adapting to new State and Federal Regulations for both the municipality of Louisburg as well as the individual employees certification to conduct their specific job responsibility.

The Louisburg Water Treatment Plant treats raw water withdrawn from the Tar River for safe consumption and use in Louisburg. Staff is highly trained and must be certified by the State of North Carolina to specific levels of aptitude required to operate the facility and perform State and Federally regulated tasks. Comprehensive water analysis requires the operation of a laboratory and deep understanding of chemical analysis and measurement.

The Louisburg Water Reclamation Facility treats water which is post-consumption from Louisburg water customers. After being collected by the wastewater collection system, the wastewater is treated and returned to the Tar River. The Water Reclamation staff consists of highly trained individuals with many different skill From the operation of a State Certified Lab to the mechanical operations knowledge required to keep pump stations working efficiently and within parameters established by State and Federal requirements, all employees have a critical responsibility at the facility.

The Louisburg Electric Department maintains the electric distribution system for the Town of Louisburg. This system consists of an electrical substation where higher voltage transmission electricity is converted into a lower, manageable voltage for distribution to and use by Louisburg Electric customers. The provision of electric services in Louisburg and in all entities is a very dangerous undertaking and requires a staff highly trained in understanding this deadly force as well as the processes for providing this force to citizens for consumption. Louisburg has a municipal owned power distribution system and is a member of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency. Members of the NCEMPA purchase wholesale power (electricity) from a number of sources and then sales it directly to Louisburg customers.

The Louisburg Public Works Department is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and safeguard of all water distribution and wastewater collection system lines in Louisburg. Continuous training is required for each employee due to the ever changing State and Federal Regulations regarding the safety of drinking water and threat of environmental damage as a result of wastewater spills. As a result of the dual responsibilities of the department, staff must have a significant understanding of water distribution and wastewater collection processes and operations.

The Louisburg Street Department is responsible for the daily maintenance and cleaning of local streets, storm water collection and drainage infrastructure, public right of ways, public properties such as parks and trails, and the municipal cemetery. Such activities of the department include household and yard trash collection and removal, street and other vehicular signage maintenance and installation, street repair, and sidewalk maintenance and repair.

 Louisburg Public Utilities may be contacted at 919-496-3406 or appointments scheduled at the office in the Town hall, 110 W. Nash St., Louisburg NC.

City Services

The Town of Louisburg strives to provide the citizens and customers of Louisburg the highest quality and most cost efficient public services possible. Within this section is an overview of all municipal operational services and programs per department. If for any reason you find that your questions are not satisfactorily answered herein, please contact the Town at 919-496-4145 for specific information related to your needs.

Mr. Randy Young, Operations Center Manager Contact 919-497-1025.

115 Industrial Drive
Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: 919-496-3406


Contact the Town at 919-496-4145 for more information.

Electric Department

The Louisburg Electric Department is responsible for the provision of reliable, quality electric utility service to the Town of Louisburg. These responsibilities include the maintenance of hundreds of miles of overhead and underground electric distribution system lines in the Louisburg Service District. Constant maintenance includes safeguarding lines from natural dangers such as trees, high wind areas, and similar threats. Continuous quality upgrades have resulted in a highly reliable 23 Kv electric system serving all the needs of the Louisburg community.

Louisburg is a Public Power Community which basically means that the Town owns the electric utility service in the Louisburg service area. The North Carolina Legislature has established by law those areas and conditions within North Carolina for which electric utility companies may operate. Generally speaking, there are three main types of electric providers in central Franklin County. These are: 1) Investor Owned Utilities (Progress Energy, Duke Power, etc.), 2) Electric Cooperatives which are customer owned providers (Wake EMC), and 3) Municipal Owned Systems (Public Power – Town of Louisburg, etc.)

Louisburg and other specific Public Power communities are members of Power Agencies which were created by the NC Legislature. Louisburg is a member of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA) which is authorized by law to operate as an electric utility in North Carolina and enjoys all the legal rights and authorities required to do such. The NCEMPA members purchases power on a wholesale rate basis and then sales the power to their respective customers.

Power purchased by Louisburg is generated by nuclear production, coal fired generation, diesel fuel generation, and hydroelectric power. After being generated by Progress Energy and other wholesale providers, the electricity is “loaded” on large transmission lines which carry the energy throughout the United States transmission grid. Purchasers, such as Louisburg, “withdraw” their allocation off of the transmission system via substations which then convert the high voltage energy down to lower voltage power useable by the local area distribution system. The distribution system are those lines seen throughout Louisburg along highways and public right of ways. Customers receive power into their homes and businesses after transformers lower once again the voltage for consumption purposes.


Please contact the Louisburg Business Office at 919-496-4145 for assistance with electric service or account related needs. You may also download applications from this site.

In Case of Emergency

Electric system emergencies such as power outage, line damage, blown transformers, and other emergency occurrences should be reported immediately to the Business Office.  Emergencies occurring after normal business hours (5 PM) should be immediately reported to the Louisburg Fire Department, 919-496-4290.

Electric Department:

Mr. Ryan Murray,
Electric Department Superintendent

 Mr. Brian Gordon,
Electric Line Technician

 Mr. Paul Jones,
Senior Electric Line Technician

Electric Line Technician

Mr. Art Thompson,
Equipment Operator

Electric Line Technician

 Mr. Matthew Tedder,
Electric Line Technician

 Mr. Randy Young,
Operations Center Manager

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Treatment & Collection Services

This involves the maintenance, repair and installation of all underground pipelines that collects the waste water from your property, treats the contaminated water, and then returns it to the Tar River. The Town of Louisburg installs all water and sewer taps of domestic line size. Commercial and industrial tap installation is often the responsibility of the developer/contractor constructing such new developments. This determination is based on proposed line size and water flow requirements. Once a Tap Application is paid for at the Business Office located at the Louisburg Town Hall, 110 W. Nash St., it is forwarded to our department. Once we receive the application is takes between 10 to 14 business days for the tap to be installed. Water meters are installed to measure consumption and valves are installed to control the flow. Fire hydrants are installed to provide fire protection.

Used water, also called wastewater or sewer, has its own piping system to deliver it to the Louisburg Water Reclamation Facility. Manholes are installed along this line to allow access for cleaning and inspection.

Sewer concerns consist of sewer stoppages, sewer main breaks, sewer service line breaks, sewer line locations, sewer tap schedules, manhole top replacements, manhole locations, and manhole installation.

Please contact the Town of Louisburg, 919-496-4145 if you notice any seepage from manholes or lines that you may believe to be sewer.

If such a leak is noticed after normal business hours please contact the Louisburg Fire Department at 919-496-4290.


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Waste Treatment

Mr. Brett Gilliam, Full Time

Mr. Daniel Nobles, Full Time

Mr. Richard Collins, Full Time

Mr. Jimmy Ellington, Full Time

Mr. Lin Bennett, Full Time

Public Works Department

The Town of Louisburg provides solid waste services to residential customers in the Town of Louisburg and franchises commercial waste removal services annually to a private provider. The current provider for commercial waste removal is Waste Industries. Franklin County solid Waste provides acceptance of all non-restricted waste materials at the Franklin County Landfill.

Both the Town and County have established policies regulating materials that are acceptable for disposal. Many of these regulations are the result of State and Federal Mandates as to what types and volumes of materials may be disposed of and landfilled.

Public Works Department:

Mr. Carlton Tabron,
Public Works Superintendent

Mr. Paul Perry,
Assistant Collection & Distribution Superintendent

Mr. Bryan Denton,
Utility Maintenance Worker

Mr. Mike Ayscue Jr.,
Public Works Street Maintenance Crew Leader

Utility Maintenance Worker

Street Department

The Louisburg Street Department works continuously to keep City streets in good condition. Maintenance of the City streets includes asphalt repairs, pothole repairs, street sweeping, storm drain maintenance, and street cleaning.

The street sweeping operation extends beyond City owned streets to include many paved streets owned by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), within the city limits. Major streets are swept on a weekly basis which cleans debris from gutters that cause flooding and contamination of the Tar River. Maintenance of the sidewalks on these streets consists of repairing cracks, holes, gapes, and levelness.

The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of street identification signs and traffic warning signs such as stop and yield signs on all municipal streets. Such signage on NCDOT streets are the sole responsibility of NCDOT.

The Louisburg Street Department has many other responsibilities including maintenance of public right of ways, public parks, public cemeteries, and removal of curbside household trash and yard debris.

 Debris Truck – Available upon request

When available, citizens may request that a city truck be left on their property for loading of debris of an extremely large volume. This allows for the citizen to directly place such material directly into the truck without having to carry the material to the streets for collection. Availability of this service is subject to demand, type of material, and volume of load. Please contact Jarrett Hathcock, Street Dept. Supt. to arrange for the truck use

Street Department:

Mr. Mike Burchette,
Street Maintenance Crew Leader

Mr. King Alston,
Equipment Operator

Street Maintenance Worker

Mr. Aaron Rider,
Street Superintendent

 Mr. David Davis,
Street Maintenance Worker

Mr. Xavier Clifton,
Street Maintenance Worker

Water Plant

The Town of Louisburg provides clean and safe water for consumption and commercial use throughout the Town. The provision of water requires the treatment of raw water and the distribution of this water to users in the Town.

Water Treatment

Water is withdrawn from the Tar River in Louisburg and treated at the Louisburg Water Plant. Municipal water treatment in Louisburg is subject to many regulations established by various State and Federal Agencies. These regulations insure that the citizens of Louisburg can rest assured that the potable water they receive in their homes and businesses is of the highest quality and safe from bacteria and contaminants. The Louisburg treatment plant utilizes a chlorine treatment process to disinfect raw water and filtering to efficiently remove suspended particles from the water.

Water Distribution

Once treated, water must be distributed throughout the Town for consumption and usage. This conveyance takes place via underground water distribution pipes ranging in size from 2 inches to 16 inches in diameter. Water is delivered to your property via this system and then connected into your home through a metering system. The metering system records your water consumption and, in some cases, is able to detect small leaks in your plumbing system.

New meter taps are required for new development and have specific fees related to the provision of water services and the cost to install the metering. A water tap fee is charged for all new taps/meters as well as a water capacity fee. The cost of the tap fee helps to offset the cost incurred by the Town to install the new tap. The Capacity fee is a charge to offset the future infrastructure that will be required to replace the allocation of water being consumed by the new user. Capacity fees are based on the specific proposed use for which the tap is associated.

All taps that require a meter and line that has a diameter larger than 3/4 inch must be installed by the developer at their sole expense. All water distribution systems required as a result of a major subdivision of land must be installed to Louisburg specifications at the sole expense of the developer.

All developable lots located within 300 ft. of an existing water distribution line are required to connect to the distribution system for water service, as wells are not allowed in Louisburg where treated water is available.


Wastewater (sewer) fees are based on treated water consumption; therefore, citizens may wish to install separate meters for in-ground irrigation systems on their property. Such water usage is not subject to wastewater treatment fees.

Please report all distribution water leaks to the Business office as soon as they are detected. Water is a very valuable resource and the Town undertakes all actions possible to assure that conservation is maintained. Water concerns such as meter leaks, water service line leaks, red water, low water pressure, tap schedules, new meter installations, meter box and lid replacements, water line locations, water main breaks, and water tap locations are addressed by the Town of Louisburg Public Works Department. These issues can be addressed through the Louisburg Business Office, 919-496-3406.


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  • 2017 Drinking Water Report
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  • 2019 Drinking Water Report

Water Plant:

Mr. Ray Proctor,
Water Plant Superintendent

Mr. Dwight Williams,
Water Plant Operator

Mr. René Plascencia,
Water Plant Operator

Mr. Vince Edwards,
Water Plant Operator

Solid Waste Department

Curbside Trash and Yard Debris Removal:

Household trash consists of miscellaneous debris and discarded materials within the household. Examples such as old furniture, scrap materials, and yard debris can be placed at the curbside and then removed by Town staff. During the fall season the Street department pickups leaves that have been properly placed at the curbside. The Town of Louisburg is subject to waste disposal regulations established by County, State and Federal agencies. Specific rules and prohibitions are required as they are established for the disposal of materials at the Franklin County Landfill.

Household GARBAGE (food items, containers, scrap food, etc.) is collected by Town of Louisburg Solid Waste Department on Mondays and Thursdays. All garbage must be in appropriate storage containers and placed such that garbage collectors can access the cans. All rules regarding trash pickup are outlined in the trash pickup guidelines below.



  1. Trash will be collected at each residence once per week (Tuesday). There are two Town trucks that pick up trash; one for yard waste and one for household trash. Items to be picked up should be placed by the curb by 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.
  2. All limbs must be cut into four feet lengths or less and no larger than four inches in diameter, and placed neatly by the curbside.
  3. November 1 to February 1 will be designated as leaf season. During this time, leaves may be raked to the curbside and will be picked up by the Town suction equipment.
    • All leaf piles must be kept free from sticks, limbs, trash, rocks, etc. so as not to damage the machine or cause injury to personnel.
    • The leaf machine will follow a route that covers each street in the town. Once the entire route has been covered, the machine will begin over again. This will ensure that each street is picked up an equal number of times and that no one is forgotten.
  4. Any time between February 1 and November 1, leaves must be bagged or they will not be collected. They can be mixed with other yard waste but ONLY with other yard waste materials, and contents must not weigh in excess of 25 pounds.
  5. Grass clippings and pine cones must be bagged or they will not be collected.
  6. Pine straw can be picked up by the leaf machine and only needs to be bagged from February 1 to November 1. The contents of the bags must not weigh in excess of 25 pounds.
  7. On city streets that have curb and gutter, absolutely nothing is to be placed in the gutter. Articles should be placed at the curbside. Any articles placed in the gutter will be returned to the individual yard and will not be collected until they are handled properly.
  8. No building materials such as brick, sheetrock, lumber, tile, etc. will be collected unless it is bagged. They must not come apart when lifted and must not weigh in excess of 25 pounds.
  9. No appliances will be collected unless all doors and lids have been removed. A $5.00 disposal fee must be paid for each appliance pickup.
  10. If a resident hires a contractor for maintenance or landscaping, it is the responsibility of the contractor or resident to dispose of the waste materials.
  11. Tires, batteries, cardboard, drums and tanks including propane, Freon, helium, foam, oxygen, acetylene, etc. will not be picked up.
  12. Only one truck load per house will be picked up every thirty days. All additional truck loads will be billed to the residence at a cost of $25.00 for handling and the amount charged by the County landfill for disposal.


Solid Waste Department

Solid Waste Superintendent

Mr. George Powell,
Solid Waste Maintenance Crew Leader

Mr. Cody Young,
Solid Waste Maintenance Worker

 Mr. Bryan Henderson,
Solid Waste Maintenance Worker

Customer Service, Billing and Finance

The Louisburg Business Office administers all Utility Accounts in Louisburg. From utility record collection, billing, and payment receipt, the Business Office can help you with your account needs. New customers may submit applications for all utility connections and establish account billing information. Specialized services such as personal security lighting on your property, energy audits for commercial accounts, tree trimming requests where the electric distribution system is threatened, and all other utility business can be conducted in this Office.

Contact Mrs. Emily Collins, Customer Service Supervisor, or Penny Autrey, Customer Service Rep. at 919-496-3406 should you have any utility account questions or need assistance. You may also visit the Office at the Louisburg Town Hall, 110 W. Nash Street, Louisburg, N.C.