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Parks and Recreation

The Town of Louisburg offers many opportunities to get and be active! Beautiful parks, nature and walking trails, athletic fields, and skateboard areas are a few of the facilities offered by the Town to anyone who wishes to enjoy the great outdoors.

Athletic programs are offered to youths in the community who wish to have fun, get some exercise, learn the fundamentals of various sports, and expand their social skills through sportsmanship and developing new friends. While winning is a goal in all aspects of life, it is not the primary vision of the Louisburg Recreation Program, rather, can be the outcome of an already beneficial and satisfying experience that is much more fruitful.

Recreational Facilities

The Town of Louisburg provides the following facilities for the enjoyment of all citizens equally. Please note that the use of shelters at the Parks can be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also please note that while it is the intention for all facilities to be open whenever possible, there are times when the areas may be closed for maintenance or other operational reasons.

Athletics & Programming