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    CLICK HERE for details about Franklin County Amended Proclamation of a State of Emergency issuing Curfew

    CLICK HERE for Consent to Franklin County State of Emergency issuing Curfew within the Town of Louisburg

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    To help ensure residents can remain in their homes and slow the spread of the coronavirus, the Town of Louisburg will not disconnect residential service or assess late fees for at least the next 60 days. Please keep in mind that customers will be responsible for paying for all usage and, if possible, should continue to pay on their accounts to avoid accumulating large balances.  Call Town Hall, 919-496-3406, if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Police Department office closed to public

    The Police Department office/lobby will be closed from March 31, 2020, through the expiration of Governor Cooper’s executive orders limiting non-essential activities due to the coronavirus outbreak.  Please call our main line at (919)496-4175 for all non-emergency needs or 911 for all emergencies.

  • Annual Drinking Water Report

    Annual drinking water report is available by Town of Louisburg.
    Drinking Water Week is May 3-9, 2020. High-Quality Water is “There When You Need It.”
    This report is a snapshot of the water quality in Louisburg.

    Search 2019 Water Report

    American Water Works Association

    Franklin County Press Release: Drinking Water Week

  • Friday Nights on the Tar Concert Canceled

    Friday Nights on the Tar Concert series scheduled for Friday, May 15, 2020 is canceled.
    Check our Town of Louisburg Website for updated information regarding FNOTT Concert for June.
    If you have questions about FNOTT please contact Louisburg Parks and Recreation Director, Colton Young at 919-497-1010.

Town Directory

ABC Store
  • Mr. Larry Peoples,
    Assistant Fire Chief
  • Mr. Butch Horton,
    Part Time
  • Mr. Ed Rabil,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Jonathan Franklin,
    Town Administrator
    Tel: 919-497-1004
  • Mrs. Carolyn Patterson,
    Town Clerk
    Tel: 919-497-1000
  • Mr. Tony L. King,
    Asst. Town Administrator
    Tel: 919-497-1003
Board of Adjustments
  • Mr. Billy Dement,
    Full Time
  • Mrs. Hazel Foster,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Buzzy Gardner,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Brian Cash,
    Full Time
  • Mrs. Beth Beck,
  • Mr. Ralph Smith,
  • Mr. George Davis,
    Full Time
Business Services & Finance Staff
  • Mr. Sean Medlin,
    Finance Director
    Tel: 919-497-1015
  • Mrs. Scarlett Edwards,
    Accounting Technician
    Tel: 919-497-1006
  • Ms. Monique Wilkins,
    Economic Development Coordinator
    Tel: 919-497-1002
  • Mrs. Penny Autrey,
    Customer Service Supervisor
    Tel: 919-497-1007
  • Mrs. Staley Medlin,
    Customer Service Rep.
    Tel: 919-497-1001
Electric Department
  • Mr. Randy Young
  • Mr. Mike Ayscue,
  • Mr. Brian Gordon
  • Mr. Paul Jones
  • Mr. Ryan Murray
  • Mr. Art Thompson
  • Mr. Ben Benton
  • Mr. Matthew Tedder
Fire Department (Career)
  • Mr. Ramey Seal,
    Station Captain
  • Mr. Timmy Whitley,
    Full Time - Engineer
  • Mr. Mark Rowe,
    Full Time - Lieutenant
  • Mr. Chase Wammock,
    Full Time - Lieutenant
  • Justin Massey,
    Full-time Lieutenant
Fire Department (Part Time)
  • Mr. Ray Patterson,
    Fire Captain
  • Mr. Jonathan Collins,
    Fire Engineer
  • Mr. Clark May,
    Fire Engineer
  • Mr. L. S. Ward Jr.,
    Fire Engineer
  • Mr. Randy Young
  • Mr. Ray Yarborough,
    Fire Engineer
  • Mr. Dalton West,
    Fire Engineer
  • Mr. Bryan Gupton,
    Fire Engineer
Historic Preservation Commission
  • Mrs. Haven Cooper Allen 
  • Mr. Joe Pearce
  • Dr. Paul Stewart 
  • Mr. Holt Kornegay
  • Mrs. Zelma Williams
  • Mrs. Terri Elliott,
    Board Member
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hathcock,
    Board Member
  • Mr. Ben Williamson,
  • Mr. Karl T. Pernell,
Meter Department
  • Mr. Colt Dickerson,
    Meter Reader
Parks and Recreation
  • Mr. Tyler Ferguson,
    Part Time
  • Mr. Colton Young,
Planning Board
  • Mrs. Fannie Perry,
  • Mr. Tommie Harris Jr.,
    Board Member
  • Mrs. Martha Davis,
    Board Member
  • Mrs. Geraldine Manley,
    Board Member
  • Ms. Linda Keith,
    Board Member
  • Mr. Jarrett Hathcock,
    Board Member (Alternate)
Planning Department
  • Mr. Tony L. King,
    Asst. Town Administrator
    Tel: 919-497-1003
Public Works Department
  • Mr. Carlton Tabron,
  • Mr. Paul Perry
  • Mr. Bryan Denton
  • Mr. Mike Ayscue Jr.
  • Mr. Frederick Lawrence,
    Utility Maintenance Worker
Street Department
  • Mr. Mike Burchette
  • Mr. King Alston
  • Rod Pippin
Town Council
  • Mr. Karl T. Pernell,
  • Mrs. Emma B. Stewart,
    Council Member
    (919) 496-2956
  • Mr. Boyd Sturges,
    Council Member
  • Mr. Mark Russell,
    Council Member
  • Mr. Christopher Neal,
    Council Member
  • Mr. Tom Clancy,
    Council Member
  • Mrs.Betty Wright,
    Mayor Pro Tem
Waste Treatment
  • Mr. Brett Gilliam,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Daniel Nobles,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Richard Collins,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Jimmy Ellington,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Lin Bennett,
    Full Time
Water Plant
  • Mr. Frank Johnson,
    Water Plant Superintendent
  • Mr. Dwight Williams,
    Water Plant Operator
  • Mr. René Plascencia,
    Water Plant Operator
  • Mr. Vince Edwards,
    Water Plant Operator
Solid Waste Department
  • Rick Fetter,
  • George Powell