Home Louisburg Christmas Parade

The Louisburg Christmas Parade is a fun-filled event for thousands of participants and spectators. Applications to participate in the 2022 Louisburg Christmas Parade are now being accepted. Interested participants should submit their application online, by mail or drop off to The Town of Louisburg at 110 West Nash Street, Louisburg, NC 27549.

Parade Entry Fees

No Entry Fee for Student/School Organizations (school band, school choir, FFA, SGA, etc.).

$10 Entry Fee for Classic & Antique Cars, Farm Equipment

$20 Entry Fee for Animals including Horses (5 Animals) – Each additional (Animal) $10

$25 Entry Fee for Churches, Civic Groups, Community and Government Organizations, and Non-Profits

$30 Entry Fee for Individual ATV, Golf Carts, Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

$50 Entry Fee for Businesses

$75 Entry Fee for Car/Bike Clubs (5 Cars/Bikes) – Each additional (Car/Bike) $20

Float rentals are as follows:         Full- Float $475       Half Float $250    

If you need assistance filling out the online application – contact Town Hall at 919-496-3406 Monday- Friday 8:30am – 5pm.


  • All children must be supervised and accompanied by adults at all times before, during, and after the parade, whether they are walking, marching, or riding. All hands and feet must be kept inside vehicles and floats at all times and everyone must remain seated. Be aware of participant vehicles while you are in the parade lineup. Parade volunteers coordinate this event and are not responsible for children.
  •  Motorcycle and vehicle revving, as well as any other noise that may be considered loud, will not be tolerated. This is for the safety of the children who may be attending the parade. Any vulgarity, whether by participants or in the music, will not be permitted and will be cause for expulsion from the parade. CHRISTMAS-THEMED MUSIC WILL BE THE ONLY MUSIC ALLOWED WHILE IN STAGING AND DURING THE PARADE.
  • All animal entries must be accompanied by pet waste bags, and you must clean up after your animal. Please be aware that all horse entries will be checked for waste containment bags or an individual to clean up behind the horse upon entry at North Main. Horses without either will be ejected from the parade.
  • Your units must be choreographed to maintain a consistent speed during the parade. Parade officials will be stationed along the route. There will be an area designated for entries to perform for the judges.
  •   If you wish to hand out candy, you may do so to members of the public, but you may not throw it from your entry. Such behavior can endanger parade-goers and also creates a needless hazard for children who could be run over by parade vehicles while trying to collect candy. Instead, candy may be handed out to members of the crowd by representatives walking alongside entries.
  •  We ask that all teams, troops and tribes please wear their uniforms or matching attire, and carry a sign or banner that identifies their group.
  • All parade participants, including parents and chaperones, must wear formal attire. All vehicles must be Christmas-themed and decorated and display an authorized pass. If your vehicle is not decorated in a Christmas theme or does not display an authorized pass, you will not be allowed to line up.
  •   A maximum of 20 people (adults and children combined) are allowed on any float. Floats must come to a complete stop before participants disembark. No one may jump from a float while it is in motion.
  • The Town of Louisburg is the only provider of Santa Claus for the parade.