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The Town of Louisburg is a charming, small Town in the heart of the North Carolina piedmont. Louisburg is the county seat of Franklin County and is located in the geographic center of the County. With only a 25 minute drive to Raleigh, 40 minute drive to Durham, and 50 minute drive to Chapel Hill, Louisburg has access to some of the best Healthcare, Academic, Cultural, and Entertainment resources in North Carolina and the east coast of the United States!

Louisburg, nestled on the banks of the Tar River, was chartered in 1779 as the County seat of the newly formed Franklin County. Having been created in the midst of the American Revolution, the county was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin who was serving as foreign minister to France at the time. His negotiations with France helped secure financial and military support to the infant country, support that eventually led to the independence of the United States. As a result of this U.S.- France alliance, the Town of Louisburg was named in honor of King Louis XVI of France.

Louisburg soon became to hub for business activity for Franklin County, especially as the main point of agri-business of the time as cash crops such as cotton, wheat, and eventually tobacco were marketed in Town. Soon the town enjoyed an influx of merchants, doctors, attorneys, and craftsmen which also led to the movement of wealthy families to the area. Such demographic shifts resulted in strong, established social and religious organizations that are still alive and vibrant today!

From the beautiful Main St. corridor, full of historic churches and oak lined sidewalks, to the nations oldest private two-year college, Louisburg College, Louisburg is the quintessential small town America, from the multitude of municipal services enjoyed by citizens to the beauty of two river front parks, Louisburg offers many amenities to those wishing to enjoy the relaxed character of the small town while having short access to major city resources.

Historic Districts:

The Town of Louisburg has two specific Historic Districts within the Town. The first district was established in the late 1980’s as a result of an inventory of structures to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. A line was delineated around those areas where the National Register Homes were located and the area was then referred to as the “Historic District”. Today, this area of original delineation is known as the “National Register District”.

The second district was established by the Louisburg Town Council after review and recommendation of both the Historic Preservation Commission and the NC State Historic Preservation Office. This district, known as the Louisburg Historic District, is a “local historic district” as identified and authorized by NC law. The Louisburg Historic District is in essence a zoning layer applied to specific delineated area of Town. Properties located within this District are subject to the provisions of the Louisburg Historic Ordinance and the associated HPC Rules of Procedure.

The Louisburg District is located in the heart of the residential district north of the Tar River. Centered by N. Main St., the district extends from Franklin St. to Jolly St. and from the western end of Sunset Ave. to the eastern end of Noble Street.