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Here are instructions for setting up a livestream and placing it on the homepage of the website. Please watch both videos:

Part 1 – Reviews the process – THIS HAS CHANGED A BIT! Around the 3:30 mark it shows how to add the stream to the homepage using the YouTube block. YOU WILL NOW USE THE “CUSTOM VIDEO” BLOCK. This looks nicer and it lets you have a headline and text.

Part 2 – Recommends steps to take if it doesn’t work

Part 3 – How to add the recording of the livestream to your council minutes accordion section

Here is a tutorial for adding audio to the City Council accordion section:

and here’s is how you add the written minutes:

How to update links

This is a title H2

This is a title H3

This is a title H4

  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item

How to Create a New Event

For a full tutorial on adding a news post, check out this video:

How to control what news story headlines show up in the homepage Community News scroller AND/OR the Calendar banner on the Homepage


Go to the homepage (like you are a visitor)

Choose Edit Page

The very top section is your selector section:

                The left column is all of your news posts/events

                The right column is the posts that are showing in the homepage scroller/calendar highlights banner

To put something in the scroller, click on it in the left column; that will move it to the right column

To remove something from the scroller, click it in the left column, then hit the – that pops up in the right corner.

Remember to hit Update to save your changes 😊