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Having a Fundraising Event?

Certified non-profits may conduct fundraising activities in Louisburg after acquiring a Temporary Zoning Permit. During the Spring and Fall the town of Louisburg is inundated with requests to set up food sales, car washes, flea markets, and other fundraising activities by hundreds of non-profit organizations both in and out of the County. In order to better provide for the public health, safety, and welfare, the Town of Louisburg limits the operation of these fundraisers by regulating the number, location, and activities allowed. If your organization is considering an activity such as car wash, plate sale, or other such event, please check out the Zoning Section of this site to familiarize yourself with the requirements for permitting such Temporary events.

Please note that these events are only allowed on properties that have adequately paved ingress and egress, stacking room for vehicles, and are situated an adequate distance from the right of way. The most frequently used sites are: Wal-Mart Parking area, Rowe’s Men Shop area, Advance Auto, Eckerd’s, and occasionally the previous IGA Grocery lot. Please note that unpaved lots and lots without sufficient traffic stacking will not be approved.