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Mayor Christopher Neal

Greetings Louisburg Citizens & Visitors,

I am Christopher L. Neal, elected Mayor for the Town of Louisburg. I am a native of Louisburg, North Carolina. I attended Elizabeth City State University and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business in 1973. Before becoming Mayor, I spent six years on the Louisburg Town Council, serving four years as Mayor Pro Tem. I am proud of my Louisburg roots.

My wife Brenda and I are the proud parents of one son and one daughter and three grandchildren. I am a member of the South Main Street Baptist Church, and a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. I am a public servant and I have deep love for my hometown and for all whom choose to call Louisburg home.

Mayor Neal
Elected November 2021, Term Expires 2024

The Town of Louisburg is governed by the Mayor and Louisburg Town Council who appoints a Town Administrator to manage the daily operations of the town. Municipalities in NC are creatures of the State, meaning that municipalities (towns, cities, villages, hamlets, etc.) are created only by a Charter enacted by the NC General Assembly. All powers and authorities executed by a municipality in North Carolina are granted by the NC General Assembly.

North Carolina is well known in the United States for its professional local government management. Towns and cities in NC have enjoyed beneficial financial status as a result of the oversight of the NC Local Government Commission. Multiple state and federal agencies work closely with all municipalities in NC to assure that citizens are afforded the same opportunities in small towns that are often entitlements to larger communities.

Kim Baker

Kim Baker

Mayor Pro-tem

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Town Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Regular meetings of the Town Council are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Karl T. Pernell Public Safety Complex located at 104 Wade Avenue, Louisburg. Town Council agendas are available on the Friday prior to each meeting. Contact the Town Clerk for assistance regarding agendas and minutes for Town Council Meetings. Meetings are live streamed.


January Agenda dated January 9, 2023

Agenda Special Called Meeting January 25, 2023TOL Meeting Minutes January 9, 2023

February Agenda February 20, 2023

TOL Meeting Minutes January 9, 2023

March  Special Called Meeting Agenda March 3, 2023

Agenda March 20, 2023



April TOL-April-17-2023-Meeting-Packet

2023 Budget Workshop April 14, 2023



May TOL May 15 2023 Packet


TOL May 19, 2023 Budget Work Shop Agenda

June June 2, 2023 Special Meeting

June 19, 2023 Packet for Regular Meeting

July July 17 2023 Meeting packet Minutes dated July

Livestream Recording

August August 21, 2023 Packet Minutes dated August

Livestream Recording

September Special Called Meeting September 8, 2023

Sept 18, 2023 Packet

TOL Town Hall Meeting September 18, 2023

Livestream Recording

Minutes dated September

Livestream Recording

October Oct 16 2023 Packet

TOL Town Hall Meeting October 16, 2023

Minutes dated October

Livestream Recording

November November 20, 2023 Packet

TOL Town Hall Meeting November 20, 2023

Minutes dated November

Livestream Recording

December December 18, 2023 Packet

TOL Town Hall Meeting December 18, 2023

Minutes dated December

Livestream Recording


January Agenda dated January 10, 2022 Minutes dated January 10, 2022
February Agenda dated February 21, 2022 Minutes dated February
March Agenda dated March 21, 2022 Minutes dated March 17th, 2022
April Agenda dated April 18, 2022 Minutes dated April 18th, 2022
May Agenda dated May 16, 2022  Minutes dated May 2nd, 2022
June Agenda dated June 01, 2022

Agenda dated June 20, 2022

Minutes dated June 01, 2022

Minutes dated June 20, 2022

July Agenda dated July 18, 2022

Agenda dated July 27, 2022

Minutes dated July 18, 2022
August Agenda dated August 15, 2022 Minutes dated August 15, 2022
September Agenda dated September 19, 2022

Agenda dated September 23, 2022

Minutes dated September 19, 2022

Minutes dated September 23, 2022

October Agenda dated October 17, 2022

Louisburg Police Dept Report dated October 17, 2022

Agenda dated October 31, 2022

Minutes dated October 17, 2022
Minutes dated October 31, 2022
November Agenda dated November 4, 2022

Agenda dated November 21, 2022

Depot Hill Program & Market Study

Minutes dated November 4, 2022
Minutes dated November 21, 2022
December Agenda dated December 19 , 2022

Agenda dated December 28 , 2022

S. Main Community Development Plan

Minutes dated December 19, 2022

Minutes dated December 28, 2022



January Agenda dated January 11, 2021 Minutes dated January 11, 2021
February Agenda dated February 15, 2021 Minutes dated February 15, 2021
March Agenda dated March 15, 2021 Minutes dated March 15, 2021
April Agenda dated April 18, 2021 Minutes dated April 18, 2021
May Agenda dated May 17, 2021 Minutes dated May 17, 2021
June Agenda dated June 21, 2021 Minutes dated June 21, 2021
July Agenda dated July 19, 2021 Minutes dated July 19, 2021
August Agenda dated August 16, 2021
Agenda dated August 25, 2021
Minutes dated August 16, 2021

Minutes dated August 25, 2021

September Agenda dated September , 2021 Minutes dated September , 2021
October Agenda dated October , 2021 Minutes dated October , 2021
November Agenda dated November , 2021 Minutes dated November , 2021
December Agenda dated December 20 , 2021 Minutes dated December 20, 2021