• Fire Hydrant Testing

    The Town of Louisburg Water Plant will be testing Fire Hydrants today. Residents may see running or leaking hydrants throughout town.

    If you have any questions please contact Town Hall at 919-496-3406.

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Town Council

The Town of Louisburg is governed by an elected Town Council of seven (7) citizens who live within the corporate limits of Louisburg. There are six (6) Councilmembers and the Mayor who sit on the Town Council and develop policy for the Town. Louisburg is interesting in that it has what is considered a “strong Mayor” in the sense that the Mayor votes on all issues, not just ties which is common in most towns. Each Councilmember is elected for four (4) year terms and the terms are staggered.

In Louisburg the Town Council appoints the Town Administrator, Town Clerk, Police Chief, and Fire Chief. All management functions of the Town are performed by the Town Administrator, including supervision and direction of the Assistant Town Administrator and seven (7) Directors/Department Heads. The Town provides services to citizens in the following departments: Police, Fire, Recreation, Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Public Utilities (Public Works, Streets, Electric), Finance, and Planning.

The role of the Town Council is to develop and modify policy to comply with State and Federal Regulations and to assure that the public Health, Safety, and Welfare is always maintained for the citizens of Louisburg. It is the role of the Town Administrator to advise the Council and to develop programs which implement the adopted policies of the Council. The daily management of Town operations is the responsibility of the Town Administrator. The Louisburg Town Council meets every third Monday evening of the month at 7:30 pm at the Louisburg Town Hall, 110 W. Nash St., Louisburg, NC.




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Louisburg Boards

Board of Adjustments
  • Mr. Billy Dement,
    Full Time
  • Mrs. Hazel Foster,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Buzzy Gardner,
    Full Time
  • Mr. Brian Cash,
    Full Time
  • Mrs. Beth Beck,
  • Mr. Ralph Smith,
  • Mr. George Davis,
    Full Time
Historic Preservation Commission
  • Mrs. Haven Cooper Allen 
  • Mr. Joe Pearce
  • Dr. Paul Stewart 
  • Mr. Holt Kornegay
  • Mrs. Zelma Williams
  • Mrs. Terri Elliott,
    Board Member
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hathcock,
    Board Member
Planning Board
  • Mrs. Fannie Perry,
  • Mr. Tommie Harris Jr.,
    Board Member
  • Mrs. Martha Davis,
    Board Member
  • Mrs. Geraldine Manley,
    Board Member
  • Ms. Linda Keith,
    Board Member
  • Mr. Al Wheless,
    Board Member (Alternate)