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The Town of Louisburg is governed by the Louisburg Town Council who appoints a Town Administrator to manage the daily operations of the town. Municipalities in NC are creatures of the State, meaning that municipalities (towns, cities, villages, hamlets, etc.) are created only by a Charter enacted by the NC General Assembly. All powers and authorities executed by a municipality in North Carolina are granted by the NC General Assembly.

The Town Council appoints various Advisory Boards and Administrative Boards to assist in the execution of policy decisions of the Council and to comply with NC law which requires the appointment of certain Boards. These include:


Board of Adjustment Agenda dated February 25, 2022 Minutes
Historic Commission Agenda dated May 17, 2022
Planning Board Agenda dated May 12, 2022

Board of Zoning Adjustment:

Chair, Brian Cash
Tracey Wright
Billy Dement
Tracy Walthour
Cory Thornton

Historic Preservation Commission:

Chair, Elizabeth Hathcock
Cooper Allen
Terri Elliot
Holt Kornegay
Joe Pearce
Zelma Williams
Susan Ranes

Planning Board

Chair, Fannie Perry
Bobby Jo May
Tommie Harris Jr.
William Jones
Linda Keith
Geraldine Manley