• ***Public Notice:

    ***PAVEMENT PROJECT: Cedar Street, Clifton Street, John Street, and Franklin Street will be paved over the next 2 days and streets will be temporarily closed in these areas. Please be cautious of bumps.

    ***PUBLIC NOTICE: Sale of Public Property – A 2001 Caterpillar 416 backhoe for more details

    ***Town Hall is now Open to the public, which includes our Utility Billing & Customer Service Department 919-496-3406, Please wear a face covering.

    ***Town Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 16, 2020 at 7:30pm

    ***Halloween 2020: Saturday, October 31, 2020 5PM-8PM Click Here for more details about Halloween in Louisburg.

    ***Resident Walkers/Runners: Town of Louisburg Police Department suggest wearing bright colors or reflective gear if you are walking or running in Town before sunrise or after sunset.





    CLICK HERE for details about COVID-19 information and updates.

    ***EXECUTIVE ORDERS 124/142 Ended JULY 29, 2020. Contact Town Hall at 919-496-3406 for details about making payment arrangements for past due utilities to avoid disconnection. Customers are responsible for paying for all usage and prior bills and should continue to pay on their accounts.  Call Town Hall, 919-496-3406, if you have any questions, concerns or to set up payment arrangements.


  • Keeping Track of Progress.

Town Clerk

Carolyn has been employed with the Town of Louisburg since 1980. Carolyn is a native of Louisburg and graduated from Louisburg College. As Town Clerk, Carolyn is responsible for the safe record keeping of the Town, assuring legal public notice is made as required by law, and other duties as assigned by the Town Council or Town Administrator. These responsibilities specifically include taking the minutes of all Council meetings and compiling these official records of such meetings into a journal, the keeping of the required book of ordinances and the update of the Louisburg Town Code respective to the ordinance adoption or modification. The clerk is responsible for maintaining state and federal records for public review as required for specific purposes (ex. Bid documents, Annexation maps, etc.) On a daily basis Carolyn assists the Town Council and Mayor with correspondence and planning of meeting schedules, as well as administrative assistant duties to the Town Administrator. Carolyn is a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) and is a member of the NC Association of Municipal Clerks (NCAMC) and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC).

Mrs. Carolyn Patterson,
Town Clerk
110 W. Nash St.
Louisburg, NC 27549
Office: 919-496-3406
919-496-6319 (fax)

Agenda & Minutes

Regular meetings of the Town Council are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the Town of Louisburg Town Hall Council Chamber (entrance of town hall). Town Council agendas are available on the Friday prior to each meeting. Contact the Town Clerk for assistance regarding agendas and minutes for Town Council Meetings.


2020 Agenda Minutes
February Agenda dated February 17, 2020 Minutes dated February 17, 2020
March Agenda dated March 16, 2020 Minutes dated March 16, 2020
April Agenda dated April 20, 2020  
May Agenda dated May 18, 2020  
June Agenda dated June 15, 2020  
July Agenda dated July 20, 2020  
August Agenda dated August 17, 2020  
September Agenda dated September 21, 2020  
October Agenda dated October 19, 2020  
2019 Agenda Minutes
January Agenda dated January 22, 2019 Minutes dated January 22, 2019
February Agenda dated February 18, 2019 Minutes dated February 18, 2019
March Agenda dated March 18, 2019 Minutes dated March 18, 2019
April Agenda dated April 15, 2019 Minutes dated April 15, 2019
May Agenda dated May 20, 2019 Minutes dated May 20, 2019
June Agenda dated June 17, 2019 Minutes dated June 17, 2019
July Agenda dated July 15, 2019 Minutes dated July 15, 2019
August Agenda dated August 19, 2019 Minutes dated August 19, 2019
September Agenda dated September 16, 2019 Minutes dated September 16, 2019
October Agenda dated October 21, 2019 Minutes dated October 21, 2019
November Agenda dated November 18, 2019 Minutes dated November 18, 2019
December Agenda dated December 16, 2019 Minutes dated December 16, 2019
2018 Agenda Minutes
January   Minutes dated January 16, 2018
February Agenda dated February 19, 2018 Minutes dated February 19, 2018
March Agenda dated March 19, 2018 Minutes dated March 19, 2018
April Agenda dated April 16, 2018 Minutes dated April 16, 2018
May Agenda dated May 21, 2018 Minutes dated May 21, 2018
June Agenda dated June 18, 2018 Minutes dated June 18, 2018
July Agenda dated July 16, 2018 Minutes dated July 16, 2018
August Agenda dated August 27, 2018 Minutes dated August 27, 2018
September Agenda dated September 17, 2018 Minutes dated September 17, 2018
October Agenda dated October 15, 2018 Minutes dated October 15, 2018
November Agenda dated November 19, 2018 Minutes dated November 19, 2018
December Agenda dated December 17, 2018 Minutes dated December 17, 2018
2017 Agenda Minutes
January Agenda dated January 17, 2017 Minutes dated January 17, 2017
February Agenda dated February 20, 2017 Minutes dated February 20, 2017
March Agenda dated March 20, 2017 Minutes dated March 20, 2017
April Agenda dated April 17, 2017 Minutes dated April 17, 2017
May Agenda dated May 15, 2017 Minutes dated May 15, 2017
June Agenda dated June 19, 2017 Minutes dated June 19, 2017
July Agenda dated July 17, 2017 Minutes dated July 17, 2017
August Agenda dated August 21, 2017 Minutes dated August 21, 2017
September Agenda dated September 18, 2017 Minutes dated September 18, 2017
October Agenda dated October 16, 2017 Minutes dated October 16, 2017
November Agenda dated November 20, 2017 Minutes dated November 20, 2017
December Agenda dated December 18, 2017 Minutes dated December 18, 2017

Special Called and Emergency Meetings

Special called meetings or Emergency meetings are held at Town of Louisburg Town Hall Council Chamber (entrance of town hall). Special or Emergency Meetings may be called and agendas will be posted here. If you have questions regarding Special or Emergency meetings please call Town Hall at 919-496-3406.

Agenda dated May 05, 2020

Agenda dated June 22, 2020

Agenda dated July 27, 2020 Agenda Post

Agenda dated August 4, 2020 | Agenda Post







Town of Louisburg Budget

Town of Louisburg Budget

The Town of Louisburg council is responsible for approving the budget. Once the proposed budget is approved through the budget ordinance, the newly adopted plan becomes a legally binding document for the Mayor and Town Manager to Administer. If you have questions regarding the Town of Louisburg proposed or approved budget, please contact Town Hall at 919-496-3406.

2019-2020 Approved Budget

2020-2021 Approved Budget