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Home News US EPA Awards Louisburg with Brownfields Assessment Grant

US EPA Awards Louisburg with Brownfields Assessment Grant


Louisburg, NC, June 16, 2022 — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Town of Louisburg, NC a $300,000 grant to assess properties under its Brownfields Program to facilitate their redevelopment and reuse. The federal grant, awarded in October 2021 will aid the Town to conduct environmental assessments on commercial and industrial properties in target areas, and enable their potential redevelopment or reuse.

“This Brownfields assessment grant is crucial to moving Louisburg forward by helping to encourage redevelopment of commercial properties, increasing pedestrian traffic and the revitalization of our downtown area,” said Jonathan Franklin, previous Town Administrator.

Brownfields are abandoned, idled, or underused industrial and commercial properties where expansion, redevelopment or reuse is hindered by the presence or potential presence of hazardous substances or other pollutants.

The first step in the process is to develop a database of brownfield sites that will act as a resource for advancing redevelopment opportunities. The primary target area is the River Corridor, beginning at North Main and Nash Streets moving westward along Nash to Elm Street and then southward to include a portion of South Main Street. Additional target areas will be added in the future. Not limited to the target areas, The Town of Louisburg and the Project partners will work with owners of both public and private properties to conduct environmental assessments and plan how these properties can be reused/redeveloped or expanded in the future. The database of sites can also be used to market sites to potential developers.

Draper Aden and Associates, an Engineering Firm located in Cary, NC, has been selected to establish and administer the program. The project, which has just been initiated, is slated to run through the end of 2024 under the current EPA grant.

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