Welcome to the Downtown Louisburg Website!

Why Downtown?


Downtown Districts are the hearts of communities like Louisburg.  Our Downtown is one of the few remaining open spaces where pedestrian traffic is the primary mode of transportation.  Pedestrian traffic invites and encourages interactions of citizens; whether its conducting business or casual conversations, that otherwise would not take place due to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  Downtown offers the opportunity for citizens to enjoy cultural and entertainment events allowing folks with different experiences and backgrounds to come together.  This strengthens our community and gives us a better understanding of each other’s interests and values.  Downtown Louisburg is the perfect central point, of both Franklin County and Louisburg, where all citizens can come to meet, conduct business, enjoy neighborly interactions and celebrate our character and values.


Urban and Community planning is an essential tool to bring about the cohesiveness of the town and the functional interaction between business, institutional and industrial uses with the citizens of the community.  The downtown is not only the center of the government and citizen support services such as professional offices, but it is the center of this community cohesiveness where cultural events, community celebrations, service projects, and entertainment is made available to all residents as well as visitors to our beautiful town.  Good planning incorporates the consideration of the best uses to be promoted and made available with the needed infrastructure improvements to facilitate both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, parking, access to institutions, and the assurance of a safe and friendly environment where patrons can move freely between business and events while always feeling safe and protected.


The Town of Louisburg is committed to the revitalization, development, and redevelopment of our Downtown.    The Town is constantly looking for ways to improve our Downtown and improve the experience it provides to our citizens and visitors.  We hope to continue our revitalization efforts and we expect increased private investment well into the future.  Check out this website to see what this community is doing to make the revitalization of our Downtown a reality.


Downtown Louisburg has seen a promising amount of growth and revitalization over the past couple of decades with the renovation of a number of key buildings that include the Cornerstone Building, the Scoggins Building, the R.R. Harris Building, the Wheeler Building, the Hobgood Court House Annex and others.  Please check out the Revitalization page for current, ongoing projects in Downtown.


If you are interested in opening a business Downtown, investing in Downtown or would just simply like some more information, please feel free to contact us.


The Town of Louisburg has received overwhelming support in the form of funding, technical support and professional guidance.  We would like to thank all of those who have helped us in our efforts including the North Carolina General Assembly, Franklin County, Louisburg College, the Tar River Center for History & Culture, and others.