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The Town of Louisburg strives to provide the citizens and customers of Louisburg the highest quality and most cost efficient public services possible. Within this section is an overview of all municipal operational services and programs per department.


Water Services

The Water Treatment Plant treats raw water withdrawn from the Tar River for safe consumption and use in Louisburg.

The Louisburg Water Reclamation Facility treats water which is post-consumption from Louisburg water customers. After being collected by the wastewater collection system, the wastewater is treated and returned to the Tar River.

Electric Department 

This department maintains the electric distribution system for the Town of Louisburg. This system consists of an electrical substation where higher voltage transmission electricity is converted into a lower, manageable voltage for distribution to and use by Louisburg Electric customers. Louisburg has a municipal owned power distribution system and is a member of the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency. Members of the NCEMPA purchase wholesale power (electricity) from a number of sources and then sale it directly to Louisburg customers.

Electric system emergencies such as power outage, line damage, blown transformers, and other emergency occurrences should be reported immediately to the Business Office.  Emergencies occurring after normal business hours (5 PM) should be immediately reported to the Louisburg Fire Department, 919-496-4290.

Public Works Department

The Louisburg Public Works Department is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and safeguard of all water distribution and wastewater collection system lines in Louisburg.

Street Department

The Louisburg Street Department is responsible for the daily maintenance and cleaning of local streets, storm water collection and drainage infrastructure, public right of ways, public properties such as parks and trails, and the municipal cemetery. Such activities of the department include household and yard trash collection and removal, street and other vehicular signage maintenance and installation, street repair, and sidewalk maintenance and repair. When available, citizens may request that a city truck be left on their property for loading of debris of an extremely large volume. This allows for the citizen to directly place such material directly into the truck without having to carry the material to the streets for collection. Availability of this service is subject to demand, type of material, and volume of load. Please contact Jarrett Hathcock, Street Dept. Supt. to arrange for the truck use.

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