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The Planning Department for the Town of Louisburg, with the assistance of several boards and commissions, provides administration of the Town’s land use plans and regulations.

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The department’s oversight includes:

Land Use Planning – Maintaining Louisburg 2030, the town’s comprehensive plan.

Floodplain and Watershed Management – Regulates construction in the floodplain and designated watershed for the Town.

Zoning Administration – Issues permits, reviews site plans and enforces the zoning ordinance.

Subdivision Administration – approves plats (surveys) and infrastructure plans for subdivision of land.

Code Enforcement – Enforce Town regulations governing land development as well as nuisances (Chapter 18, Art. I), junk cars (Chapter 36, Art. I), overgrown lots (Chapter 18, Art. I) and animal control (Chapter 8, Art. I-IV). (Click Here for Ordinances)

Building Codes – Building code and permitting is administered by Franklin County Office of Building and Inspections.  These permits and inspections includes building, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, gas, mobile home and most swimming pools.

Zoning Permits

Permits are required when the use of a property changes whether its new construction (residential, commercial or industrial) or a new business occupies an existing structure.  Permits are also required for smaller issues like signs, fences, yard sales, some special events and accessory structures like garages, greenhouses, and alike.  

There are occasions when a zoning permit is required, the property requires rezoning or issuance of special use permit. These situations require actions by one or more Town Board and/or Town Council. The Planning Administrator will provide guidance where appropriate.

Subdivision Plats

Subdivision of land or changing in property lines generally require a plat or surveys. Prior to recording, the Planning Department must review and approve for compliance with the Town’s zoning and subdivision regulations.  Consult your surveyor or call the Planning Department for further information if you have questions.

Changes to the Zoning Ordinance (Amendments)

Periodically, the Town Council will initiate a change to the Ordinance.  These changes are listed below.

2-21-21Change To Sweepstakes Location Criteria
12-20-21Corrective Micropigmentation as Permitted Use in B-1
12-20-21Removal of Misdemeanor Language
11-15-21Change to Zoning Penalty
08-16-21Change to Lot Size in SHOD Zone
06-21-21Change to Permitted Signs in A-R Zone
06-21-21Compliance with 160D State Law Changes
05-17-21Change To Lot Size in A-R Zone
03-15-21Change to Minimum Require Parking Spaces
03-15-21Establish Planned Development District
02-15-21911 Center As Permitted Use in I-1 Zone
02-15-21Landscaping Supply As Permitted Use In A-R Zone
09-21-20Minimum Language For Property Postings
09-21-20Adjustments to Nonconforming Structures

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Planning Board Meeting January 19

Please note that the regular planning board meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, January 19 at 5:30 pm.