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The Louisburg Fire Department provides emergency fire suppression response to all properties with the Central Franklin Fire District and the Town of Louisburg. We protect approximately 11,650 residents with our primary service area being 53 square miles in size. We provide automatic aid to eight other fire departments in Franklin County.

Fire 34


We are a professional combination fire department that consists of six career personnel, eight part-time personnel, and approximately 35 volunteer members. The department is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by career members who are employed by the Town of Louisburg. The volunteer members make up the majority of the primary firefighters on scene. These firefighters give unselfishly of their time and efforts to protect the citizens that travel and live in this district every day. Our membership reflects the commitment of the Town of Louisburg Council to fund this very important public safety service in order to provide sufficient and adequate response to calls for service.

Commitment to the Community

The Louisburg Fire Department has a NC Public Protection Class rating (PPC – ISO) of a Class 2 within the Town of Louisburg and a Class 4/9E in the remaining areas of the Central Franklin Fire District. This rating shows the dedication, commitment, and professionalism of our department and its members. With 1237 fire departments in North Carolina, we are one of 66 departments with a Class 2 rating. This puts our organization in the top 5.3% of fire departments in our state.

Chief Lanham is commitment to providing the upmost professional service through this organization to those in need. Please feel free to stop by the station if you have any questions or would just like to see the fire trucks!

Special Programs

The Louisburg Fire Department provides several programs to the community. Our career staff and a few volunteers are certified child passenger safety seat technicians. We serve Franklin County as the only CPS Permanent Checking Station. Parents and caregivers can stop by the station to have their child seat inspected and installed correctly. We offer guidance in proper installation as well as the next steps in passenger safety.

“Alarm Louisburg” is another program we offer to the community that is funded through the NC Office of State Fire Marshall in Raleigh, NC as well as smoke alarm donations through other organizations. This program offers smoke alarms to the citizens within our district at no cost. Our staff will come to your residence, survey your needs, and install the appropriate alarms in the correct locations. If you think your current smoke alarms may be reaching their life span of 10 years, contact LFD and we can schedule a visit for someone to come to you. Remember, a working smoke alarm may be the difference in saving a life in the event of a fire. Always remember to test your alarms monthly.

We continuously provide fire and life safety education every chance we get. Whether it is a visit to a local school or daycare, a group that visits the station, or even while on scene, we will educate you on the importance of fire safety.