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The Louisburg Business Office administers all Utility Accounts in Louisburg, utility account information, service applications, work orders, payments, accounts payable, rate structures, and other financial interaction between the Town of Louisburg and our customers.

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The Business Office initiates all work orders related to public utilities, including tap installations, meter installations, maintenance, area/security light installation, accounts payable, financials, and collection of other Town fees.

The Billing office is responsible for the accurate recording of utility consumption on a monthly basis. This is achieved through the metering of electric and water consumption of all customers. Meters are read by advanced infrared radio wave technology that emits metered readings to electronic hand-held devices that are then uploaded into utility billing servers and software programs. The office is constantly creating new accounts, closing accounts, maintaining necessary changes to individual accounts, and auditing account systems to assure that no billing and metering inconsistencies exist.

Specialized services such as personal security lighting on your property, energy audits for commercial accounts, tree trimming requests where the electric distribution system is threatened, and all other utility business can be conducted in this Office.

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