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Join us this holiday season as we deck the halls in Downtown Louisburg for our 2nd Annual Outdoor Christmas Market! The idea of this Market is that we maintain the integrity by providing great product, value and a boutique like quality in service as our market is small. I ask that you participate as much as you can in the marketing campaign for this event.

Any local, handmade, home-crafted, or home-assembled arts and crafts, which have been made by the seller or members of the seller’s household, may be sold at the market. Handmade or Hand Assembled means an item that has two or more distinctive parts combined and permanently attached by intent, labor, creativity and skill to create a product made by a vendor are eligible.

Artisanal items may include leather goods; drawings, paintings and prints; photographs; woodwork; metal craft; ceramics and pottery; weaving and yarn work; macramé́; needlework; beadwork; sculpture; jewelry; stitchery and sewing; clothing and accessories; glasswork; natural fiber crafts and basketry.
Per Federal copyright infringement law, goods such as fabric, charms, or prefabricated items with copyrighted images such as but not limited to, Sport logos, Comic Logos, Cartoons, any branded items etc. are prohibited.

Any local Agriculture, produce and or food producers cooking or selling on site must have temporary Food Permits or inspections by contacting Franklin County Health Inspectors Office. You will need to submit the permit with your application.

Food Truck vendors will NOT be accepted by application. Please contact Town Hall or email
events@townoflouisburg.org if you are interested in being a food truck vendor.

• They must have all required licensing and permits for their business operation.
• Organic Produce must be labeled as such and must have documentation from Franklin County Health Inspectors Office, indicating that they are a certified organic farmer.
• All produce must comply with all federal, state, and local health requirements.
• All vendors are responsible for appropriately packaging their products and protecting them from elements.

We are NOT accepting any third party sellers, multi-level marketing, or large corporation consultants.

Event Date and Time: Sunday, December 4th, 2022 (Noon to 5:00 P.M.)
Application Deadline: Friday, November 18, 2022 at 5pm
Vendor Registration Fee: $55.00
Event Address: 116 N Main St. Louisburg, NC 27549 (Amphitheater Parking Lot)
Event Staff Contact Person: (919) 497-1002 or mwilkins@townoflouisburg.org
Submit Application online at townoflouisburg.org, via Email to mwilkins@townoflouisburg.org or Drop off Application at Louisburg Town Hall at 110 W Nash St. Louisburg, NC 27549

All vendors are to subject to an approval by Christmas Market Place Staff.

Louisburg Christmas Market Vendor Guidelines and Requirements