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    Town of Louisburg power has been restored. Thank you to the electric department for working promptly on this issue.

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Franklin County Historic Homes Tour

Franklin County has some of the most beautiful historic homes you will ever see, right here in the heart of Louisburg. Come out and join the Tour April 22nd & April 23rd and witness the beautiful architectural design and landscaping work that was set by our forefathers and this great town. Check out some of the best antique cars on Saturday April…

Fire Safety Tips

Plan Ahead — Stay Alive! Install and Maintain Heat and Smoke Detectors These early warning devices help ensure a safe escape. Test smoke detectors every week and replace batteries at least twice a year. If the smoke detector sounds or the heat detector rings, get out fast and stay out. Draw an Escape Plan of…

Wastewater Treatment Process

Ever wonder how your wastewater is treated? In the early 1990’s the Town of Louisburg was struggling to comply with newly adopted State and Federal Regulations regarding the treatment of wastewater. The plant and system that had served Louisburg throughout the early 1900’s had become insufficient to meet the demands of the EPA and sound…