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Customer Alert: Water and Sewer Line Protection Programs

Residents in the Town of Louisburg service area have recently received letters encouraging the purchase of utility protection coverage for water and sewer lines on their property. These mailings are worded in such a way to imply collaboration between the company and the Town of Louisburg and/or other local municipalities. Town of Louisburg officials advise residents that these solicitations are NOT endorsed, NOR are the companies contracted by the Town of Louisburg to offer water or sewer line insurance coverage or water line protection on the Town’s behalf.

Independent companies such as HomeServe and American Water Resources, in addition to public utility companies such as PSNC and Duke Progress offer these types of protection programs. Although Town of Louisburg water and sewer customers are generally responsible or water line repairs on their side of the water meters and for broken sewer lines on their property, Town officials cannot certify that these programs offered are legitimate or of benefit to its customers. Town of Louisburg officials suggest that if you choose to purchase this type of coverage or enroll in these protection programs, that you research the company and carefully read details of the coverage being offered before you enroll.
For further information regarding the validity of these types of solicitations, contact the NC Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General at 919-716-6400.